Our Story

Swiss Arabenture Tourism & Travel is a Dubai based travel company run in a true Swiss way – ultimate service quality, safety and efficiency. 

We are a modern tribe of people offering unique travel experiences and adventures in the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Switzerland.

Dune bashing in the Arabian desert or snow drifting in the Swiss mountains; we create a true bridge between these countries while celebrating their uniqueness.

Our passion for authentic, luxurious travel, delicious local food, true cultural immersion and thrilling outdoor adventures leave our guests in awe and create monumental memories.

We create magic and mastermind trips that will truly enchant you, always respecting nature and local culture, so you can sense wonder and savour beauty just as a children do.

We are enthusiastic about creating curated travel experiences which reflect who you truly are and what you subconsciously may be looking for. You imagine it and we put it into reality.

Our Tribe

Our teams, whether in the office or active in the field, are made of individuals who have a true passion for travel and adventure, hence, they can easily relate to our guest’s wishes and needs. We only select people who have matching ideas on team rules and performance – clear communication, trust and collaboration, diversity and inclusion, accountability, continuous learning and improvement, and a results-oriented approach.

We live diversity and our employees come from various parts of the world speaking over 12 languages.

At Swiss Arabenture, we have guides that are real stewards and you can expect the finest interpretive experience from our incredible private and specialist guides. Our city, adventure and desert stewards are hand-picked for their expertise, language skills and ability to personalise your journey.